Sunday, 20 October 2013

How exciting.

I am excited as today in the shop I sold a Christmas Blessings Kit.
 (picture below, just in case you are not sure which one I mean)

Anyway it is heading overseas ! this is why I am so excited. The lovely lady did not speak much English and is here on holidays. But her sister in law told me she speaks Swiss German so I am assuming the lady lives in either Switzerland or Germany. So to my knowledge, it is my first design to leave our shores :0)

As we left for work this morning I was looking at all the buds on my rose bushes. The bushes are covered in buds mostly due to all the rain we have had. This afternoon lots of the buds had opened in the warm weather we had here today. I could not resist taking a few photo's with my phone. They look so pretty I thought I would share them  with you.

They both have wonderful fragrances and I have them planted  alternately down the side of our drive way. The red one is named Camp David and the peach once is Just Joey. I have had both these roses in each of our homes, I love them that much. I would love to get a William Morris rose bush too !

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are :)

Happy Quilting

Jennifer xx

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