Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Year

As the start of a new year nears. I think it is time to tidy my sewing room and revisit my unfinished projects. I have to admit to having many !.

 First I will write a list of my UFO projects . Next I stop to think if I will actually want to finish each UFO. I will never finish my very first quilt as I hand pieced each of the 24   10 inch -ish blocks and decided I needed to hand quilt the quilt because it was hand pieced. I now dislike the colours that I used way back in 1993, mostly as my eye for colour has changed so much. So this is one UFO I will never finish.

 I have decided that 2013 will be the year I finish a project that I have worked on for the past  9 years. Yes, 9 years !! in my defence I only worked on the project at a yearly quilt camp.  I have done all the applique and some section are joined together as the appliqué over laps. I only have hand embroidery to finish and  the blocks will be finished and waiting for the boarders to be added .I just love this project with handsome reindeers and cute penguins.

 Back to my UFO's I then number them in a priority to finish. I will look at this list again same time this next year. I will no doubt have more ( new)  UFO's to add to the list ! ..... but the hope is that I will be able to cross off more projects number I have to add on !

I am also hoping to find time in the new year to design another quilt and some stitchery designs too!.  I can feel a christmas stitchery and maybe another a little William Morris inspired .

I would like to  wish you a very Happy New Year and more time to stitch !

Monday, 3 September 2012

Uk trip

Monday 27th August I left for the UK to take part in Michele Hill's William Morris tour being organised by Whitecroft Tours. I spent 2 full days in Hong Kong on the way and while I enjoyed learning about history of Hong Kong I found the smog somewhat of  a big surprise. Humidity combined with the smog was very overwhelming and a couple of trips back to the Hotel was needed to freshen up with a shower to wash the grime off. I couldn't find out whether this is normal or just this time of year.

I left Hong Kong on Wednesday at midnight and arrived at Heathrow at 6am on Thursday morning. The slowest part at the airport was waiting for our bags, 30 minutes would have been very close. A short walk to the London Underground for a train to Kings Cross station then a change of trains and off to Durham to meet up with my Auntie Francis and Uncle Doug. These past few days have been such a blur, going to places that are older than white settlement in Australia. One of the highlights for me so far has been a family BBQ to meet my English relatives. Over 30 people came to meet me!!
My Mam's side of the family.
My dad's side of the family.
Yesterday we took a trip to the township of Barnard Castle where we walked though the actual Castle that was built back in the 12th Century. Although this castle is now in ruins, the sense of history there is so strong.


Sunday, 22 July 2012

First Quilt Pattern !

I am excited to announce that I am releasing my very first design at the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair next week, starting 26th July - 29th July.
You can find it on my stand Patchwork By Sea on stand D7.

                   This design and photo  is © to Paisley Jam Designs and is not to be shared.

 Approximate  size168cm square.

Patterns $19.95 plus postage. Kits include pattern & fabric for quilt top $150.00 plus postage.
To order please contact the shop by phone on 08 83773942 or email on
Now thinking of pattern number 2 !