Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Beautiful weather yesterday

We finished work at 4pm yesterday. So Tez and I stopped off at the beach on the way home. So wonderful to sit on the grass with bare feet, sun on your back listening to the sea rushing onto the shore, while stitching the binding down on a now finished shop sample. Enjoyable after all the very windy and cold days we have just had.

Not a fav photo but it captured the moment. LOL

 After not being there very long I began to feel  more relaxed and have vowed to do it more often. After all the beach is just very short walk to the bottom of the  street the shop is on. The photo is taken at the part of the beach where we live, I love sitting at the top of the slopped grass before the beach and looking out over the ocean. There was even a seal floating near the surface sunning him or herself to warm up.

These are photo's of where we were sitting.

I loved the sound of the children playing at the  near by playground. Funny thing is it does not matter how old we get the squeaking sound of a child playing on a swing still sounds exactly the same as they go back and forth :0)

Hope you have a wonderful day in your part of the world. :0)

Happy Quilting

Jennifer xx


  1. A great afternoon relaxing on the grass while basking in the sun. The only problem seemed to be the flies that seemed to hang around me. I suppose that moving your hands while stitching the binding was shooing them away. Next time might need to have the Aerogard with us

  2. Thanks for your comment Terry. Sorry the flies were all over you.:)