Monday, 18 February 2013

What did Sadie get up to today ??

Today Sadie's halo slipped to her ankles.

It started with her pulling my son's washing off the line over night and she chewed a pair of his undies !
She also dug a hole in the backyard, peed inside on the slate by the front door, nipped Terry on the chest while playing , tried chewing off one of the tiny pompoms of the cushion and chased the cat through the house.

Sooooooo her halo is sitting around her puppy ankles today !! LOL

I wonder what tomorrow will bring !!

Happy Quilting

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Romantic Valentines walk on the beach

Tonight Terry and I went for a walk on Port Noarlunga beach holding hands and watching the sunset.

We took the lovable Sadie with us. Our romantic walk turned into fits of laughter. It turns out dear Sadie is afraid of the gentle waves rolling on the beach.

It was so funny watching her avoiding the waves so her feet did not get wet.
With a gentle bit of coaxing and some doggy treats we managed to get her into the water up to her ankles funny bless her

Happy Quilting 

Design two is finished !

© Paisley Jam Designs and is not to be shared.

Here is a another peek of my second design, still a bit hiding to be revealed when the patterns are written.
I will let you know when the patterns are ready.
Have a wonderful day were ever you are.

Happy Quilting


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Happy Quilting


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Meet Sadie

I would like to introduce to you Sadie the newest member to our family.
We got her on Monday from the Animal Welfare League.
She is a 11 month old Boxer X.

She is a bit under weight as she was a stray. But is starting to fill out already.
Hubby and I have been up earlier the past two mornings out taking her for her morning walk.
Yesterday we took  her for an afternoon walk too ! . she was pooped out after that :)
 This afternoon our daughter Alynda and hubby took her for after noon walk along the beach, seems she does not like the water at this stage.
 Sadie has the most beautiful nature, she is a quiet and soft dog who looks at you with those big eyes and your heart just melts !!
So far she ticks all the boxes. Great to walk, travels in the car well and sits and drops most of the time ! ( well she is still a puppy )
I am hoping that our dedication to her walks will impact on our waist lines !............hehe . I will let you know how we get on !!
I hope it is true that if you do something for two weeks it becomes a habit !!!

Happy Quilting

Monday, 4 February 2013

The little things in life !

Do you have "the little things in life" that can make your day ??

This morning I had the luxury of my hubby bringing me a cup of tea in my favourite china cup to enjoy in bed.
Such a small thing but it made my day !.  

And tonight I am going to enjoy another of the little things in life that I just love.

What is you ask ?
Slipping between the freshly washed sheets that came off the washing line and straight on to my bed. So they will smell nice and fresh as I slip off to sleep.

 Happy dreams