Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dragonfly Chase still flying out the door.

Hello friend's,
 I am so amazed at how popular Dragonfly Chase kits are. Sold more yesterday and the brown's and gold's colour way has also been popular. Terry has been at the Gawler Textile Art weekend yesterday and there again today. He was setting up the stand and pinning up the quilts. When two of the Gawler quilting ladies told him not to pin Dragonfly Chase up, as he was in the middle of doing. When he asked them why, they said because we will have to buy one ! I laughed so much when he was telling me last night. And yes they both bought a kit each. Wish I had been there. But I am in the shop cutting kits and serving our customers.
So I had a play and have come up with a 3rd colour choice of teals and pinky purples. Terry has sales for today when he arrives with the 3rd colour way. By showing ladies a photo on his mobile that I had sent him, saying look a new colour way ! hehe

Dragonfly Chase 3rd colour choice.
Since the dragonfly has been popular, I have been thinking of designing more with this little fellow on it. Maybe a bag ? I could use the dragonfly in two or three sizes.........mmmmmm got a few ideas already. Any suggestions on what you might like to see this dragonfly appear on ?? Would love to hear your thoughts, so leave me your comments below.

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are :)

Happy Quilting

Jennifer xx
From wet and cold Adelaide.

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