Monday, 9 December 2013

Customers photo

One of the ladies who bought my Dragonfly Chase pattern  has shared a photo of her finished table runner on our Patchwork By Sea Facebook page.
It is with Jude's permission I share her photo of her lovely runner with you.

 Jude said..
I purchased your Paisley Jam design "Dragonfly Chase" pattern at the recent Adelaide quilting show. I have just completed it and love it. I made it for a friend and used mainly neutral colours as I wasn't sure what suited her home.... I changed the pattern a little. I made the large squares slightly smaller as I like the dragonflies to fly "free" of any encumbrance (in line with Japanese art principles). They therefore encroach on the small squares. I am really happy with result and hope you didn't mind me using a bit of licence with your pattern (I have acknowledged that it is your design). Thankyou for your beautiful pattern.

I feel very privileged that you have shared a photo of your runner Jude. I love the neural colours so much. What a lucky friend you have.

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are :)
Happy Quilting

Jennifer xx