Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I snuck some stitching time.

I have been busy working on stitcheries for a bom for the shop. But I had a day off yesterday, so I snuck a bit of stitching for me time. I have hand appliqued the leaves but decided to do the petals by machine. I spent 2 valuable hours trying to get my machine to stitch button hole stitch without the bottom thread  showing on the top of my applique. Sooooo frustrating isn't it? When you want to sew and your machine has decided when you turned it on to give you grief !
I started with re-threading the machine, taking the bobbin out and putting it in again, changed the needle, changed the top thread, sat the tread upright and then put it in the vertical position again, then changed the bobbin thread, rang Terry for help with texted photo of said stitching, thought about swearing at it ....but refrained, still nothing! In desperation I even got out the destruction book for the machine to look up how to change the auto tension thingmie!! I even found out that my Pfaff will even embroider the alphabet!! Who knew? Not me that's for sure :0)
I managed to keep calm and not loose my cool, I was proud of my self! Then I picked up the tread off the spool thingy at the top of the machine and sat it on my table to the right of my machine and my machine stitched beautifully !! Well I'll be a monkeys uncle.................then I remembered I had this spool thingy I bought that I can add to the machine that has a little metal arm that draws the tread up from the top spool and back down through the machine. Now why did I not think of this sooner??? I wasted so much sewing time!.

Anyway once I started to sew I stitched down all my petals. Then decided to add hand stitched  vein details to the leaves and add details to the flowers. This is how it is looking.

What do you think ? I just love the added hand stitching. Hoping to get this one finished soon, so I can start on a new project.

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are :)

Happy Quilting

Jennifer xx

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