Saturday, 10 August 2013

As promised.

Earlier today I promised to send an up date of how far I got with my new design. I have used Floriani Stitch and wash to make my applique designs. It has taken longer than my preferred method of using Visofix for raw edge applique. But I do want the design to stand out more from my quilt. So not much to show yet. I have more pieces done but have laid some out to share with you. What do you think ?? Planning on getting more done tomorrow.
Paisley Jam Design no 4

Mind you I did get distracted by this below, it is sea fog and it rolled in from the ocean over the jetty at the end of our road and up past the shop at around 1pm this afternoon! I have never seen this happen before. Can you see the tower at the end of the jetty ??

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday were ever you are. Don't forget to 'follow' my blog so you can stay up to date with my posts.

Happy Quilting

Jennifer xx


  1. Love that flower applique - can't wait to see the finished piece!

  2. Thank you Jane I can't wait to see what it looks like too ! I have an idea in my mind, but who knows how it will look when I am finished it :)