Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Turner Exhibition / William Morris

 Terry and I enjoyed going to see the Turner exhibition today at the South Australian Art Gallery. South Australian Art Gallery
 I  liked his older style paintings, like this one.
                                          Joseph Mallord William Turner
Rome from the Vatican.
I decided I was not a fan of the style he used  before he died .  I like to be able see what the subjects are.

The painting below is inside Durham Cathedral. Which has a special place in my heart. My Granddad was killed in WW11 when my dad was only 4. He was part of a group that used to help out the cathedral's choir when they did large pieces like Handel's Messiah. Terry and I were lucky enough to be taken to the cathedral, when we were in England in September last year by my wonderful Aunt and Uncle, before we joined  the William Morris tour we were  in England for. To be able to walk through the cathedral knowing that years before the granddad I never got to meet, had walked before me was overwhelming. But something I will treasure with all my heart. Today standing in front of the painting below of the cathedral, I was so drawn into the painting and I felt like I was standing right inside the cathedral. Turner has really captured the very essence of Durham Cathedral.

The Interior of Durham Cathedral, Looking East along the South Aisle c.1798
Below is a photo of the majestic cathedral for you to see. You can check out more info on the cathedral on the link below the photo.

                                                               Durham cathedral

While at the art gallery Terry and I could not resist visiting the William Morris gallery. Lovely to see The star of Bethlehem tapestry from Morris & Co. Below is a photo I found on the net. We also saw another of these tapestries at the chapel in Exeter College Oxford . Although they have different boarders. If I remember correctly there were six of these tapestries made.

And above is the water colour painting by Edward Burn Jones which hangs in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. You can visit it here. This painting is so large there is no way anyone could get it out of the gallery it is hung in, as the doors are to low.

This is me standing near this amazing painting. I thought it would give you a better idea of it's size.
Well that is all for now. It is now passed my bed time.

Thank you for sharing my day where ever you are.
Happy Stitching
Jennifer xx

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