Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sadie update !

Do you remember in an earlier post I told you about us adopting the beautiful Sadie and her being afraid of the waves at the beach. Well yesterday she decided she would chase her beloved ball into the waves !!. She finding it hard to work out how to get the ball in her mouth with out swallowing water !
But I think her favorite thing was chasing her ball over the smooth sand, as it just kept getting away from her, she chased and chased it. So she was worn out by the time we got back into the car.

          Proof that Sadie went into the waves :).

                                           Isn't she just cute !!.

Sadie has turned out to be the most lovable, loyal and gentle girl, who does like to chew a bit. But adopting her from the Animal Welfare League 3 weeks ago is one of the best things Terry and I have done in a long while. She has fit into our lives so easily.

I have been distracted from my stitching and plan to get back to it tonight I am missing it so much.
Happy stitching
Jennifer xx

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