Saturday, 22 February 2014

New designs and a design needs a new name pattern giveaway.

Hi, I have been busy with ideas and have two new sneak peeks to share.
The first one is a new Christmas table runner. I decided to challenge myself and use the brighter Christmas fabrics. I hope you like them as much as I do. This peek is before it was quilted and I am now just stitching the binding down. Then to take the photo and pattern writing to be done and kits to be cut. Oh! 
and a name to be chosen too! 
Sneak peek of Christmas table runner.
The second is an idea I had using a Jelly Roll / Bali pop. We had this beautiful Bali one in the shop that I fell in love with. We did show this photo on the shop's Facebook page and people loved it so much.
Bali roll with blue/grey fabric.

So we cut the pieces and played with the layout and this was the one we like best. So this is the other sneak peek.
Bali sneak peek.
More work to be done on this one, but I have enjoyed myself so much so far.

The design with the snowman, has gone back to the drawing board. I found out the hard way not to use a felt tipped marker with the Floriani Stitch & Wash!! should of known the marker would run when wet.........but did not think of it at the time :( ..... Lesson learnt the hard way! one I will not forget.

On a brighter note I have finished another design that you have seen before and it has been waiting patiently to be quilted. It is Piggy in the Middle.
Piggy in the middle on display at Patchwork By Sea.

Close up of the hand stitching I have done around the rectangle in each block.
Full size photo before quilting.

I hope you like it. I would like to re-name Piggy in the Middle to something else as it is not my favorite name for such a pretty quilt. Any suggestions??
Please comment on the blog and if I like the name you suggest I will pop a couple of patterns in the post to you. I look forward to reading your suggestions.

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are :)
Happy Quilting
                                       Jennifer xx

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  1. I love the colours in your quilt, so fresh and cheery.
    The block reminds me of someone peeking through a
    Window with there hands cupped to look inside, so I would name
    it The Peekaboo Quilt:) thank you for sharing.