Thursday, 10 January 2013

Christmas tree / Roses

I have taken my Christmas tree down since getting home from work ! ...I know, but better late than never !!! . Terry is out the front pruning the fiber optic Christmas tree so it will fit in the garbage bin !!!!!!! funny to see !!! hehehe.................. It did not work this year, did not find out it was broken until after it was decorated .
 Alynda my daughter  will have a problem putting up my Christmas tree this year !!

My roses got there annual prune last year. But they have grown so well and given me such pleasure in so beautiful roses since.
I have been out "hacking" them back and pruning off all the spent flower heads.
Roses  won round 1 lots of scratches, stabbings and blood !!!
Lucky I love you roses !!!!!!!!!!!

Happy quilting
Jennifer xx

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