Thursday, 23 October 2014

Good Morning

Good Morning,

Well this quilter has been missing her little grandson after my visit to meet him. My beautiful daughter in law is sending me regular photos to my iPhone. She even had fantastic timing and sent me an photo after his bath on Tuesday night while I was sitting in the doctor's surgery waiting to see my doctor who was  running very late. Such a nice feeling to see him looking at me from my message. Even had a few photos of the last bit of a smile that have just melted my heart.

Jaxon after his bath
I have been making myself get in and finish already started projects. Proud to say I have finished some shop samples & working on some class samples. I have also been sneaking in some time to do my beloved stitchery's. I find my stitching soothes my soul. Do you stitch ?
I have also been working on and off on one of my designs. I have the piecing of the quilt top finished and I am now working on the applique circles that I will be adding to the top with an applique on them. If I get what I would like to get finished today I will share a peek with you.

So while I was doing this post I was sent more photos of baby Jaxon to start my day. Had to share this one to make you smile :) A cutie what do you think ??

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are :)

Happy Quilting
Jennifer xx

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