Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Yesterday's car trip.

Yesterday saw Terry drive us from Adelaide to Melbourne for Melbourne's up and coming Craft & Quilt Fair starting this Thursday. Don't forget to come and visit us and see my Piasley Jam Designs on Patchwork By Sea's  stand D7 just in side the main door way in to the show.
 During yesterday's car trip I decided to do some more knitting. I had already started the jumper front. It has a nice pattern repeated 3 times. I am so out of practice at the knit two together and slip one knit one pass the slip stitch over and counting all the stitches! Might re think the pattern up the middle of each sleeve with all the increasing on rows, counting the rows and stitches in the pattern!
I will share a photo with you if I can get a bit more done so you can see the pretty pattern. Amazing how the trip goes faster when my mind is occupied watching the knitting grow.

What type of wool do you like to use ? do you have a favourite brand ? what are your fav type of knitting needles ? steel, plastic, bamboo ?
Who do you like to knit for most ? hubby, children, babies or your self ??

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are :)
Happy Quilting

Jennifer xx

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